NSBO Conference
9-11 april

NSBO Conference 2024

A new normal: Challenges and opportunities for Nordic student housing Three days of inspiration, insights and networking focused on student housing from a Nordic perspective. In a new normal - where rapid changes has reshaped…

Digital event
April 27th, 10.00 - 11.30 CET

Well-being in Nordic student housing

How to create social well-being in Nordic student housing

NSBO Conference
September 22nd – 23rd

NSBO Conference 2022 – Stockholm

During two days the NSBO Network explored the importance of student housing for campuses and cities. We places and acknowledges student housing in a larger context. How can we build…

Digital event
April 26th, 2022

Building prices and subsidies in the Nordic countries

Construction costs and subsides in the Nordic countries. How have they developed in the last couple of years, what is effecting the development and what kind of subsidies, grants, loans…

Digital event
September 24, 2021

Student services

What kind of student housing services are students interested in? At this NSBO Digital meeting the focus was on student services - what do students want and how do housing…

Digital event
February 16th, 2021

How to promote mental health during a pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic many student housing providers have noticed a negative trend in the mental health of their students. In Iceland they know for a fact this is the…

NSBO Conference
May 7th - 9th

NSBO Conference 2019 – Helsinki

In May 2019 the NSBO Conference in Helsinki took place. The theme was Reinventing Student Housing and focused on new values connected to student housing. What place does student housing…

NSBO Conference
May 29th - 30th

NSBO Conference 2018 – Reykjavík

What are the key factors for creating a welcoming student housing experience where each and every student feels part of a context? Is it customer relations, the layout of the…