Stop Over: Stockholm 2017

April 26 – April 27


The Nordic Stop Over in Stockholm focused on Sthlm6000+, a collaboration with the aim to create 6 000 student housing units in five years. Study visits to projects created within the frame of Sthlm6000+ was mixed with presentations and panels. The Stop Over ended with a workshop presenting ideas for the future of NSBO.




About the study visits

Einar Mattson
The campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is undergoing a vast development with new student accommodation and expanded services. The aim is to create a more active campus under all hours of the day.

Contributing to this change is Einar Mattsson with 305 new student studios spread over three buildings. The accommodation is not just for living, its construction also allows research on innovation for both living and construction. Gathered under the name KTH Live-in lab, forty researchers and ten companies are pursuing a shorter journey from innovation to implementation.


Svenska Bostäder
In 1961, a building by the renounced architect Léonie Geisendorf, was inaugurated. With its entrance lit by a skylight three stories high and several characteristic of the period it’s a protected and appreciated part of Swedish architecture.

In 2011 Svenska Bostäder bought the property and started the transformation into 245 student accommodations. Due to its cultural and historical value the reconstruction has been carefully executed, with great regard to original materials, layout, decorations and even furniture.

The transformation to modern student accommodations with a retro twist has produced something unique, which is cultural, historical and contemporary all at the same time. Both the product and the reconstruction offer an insight to something unique.


The City of Stockholm is building a whole new district, transforming old industrial ground to 12 000 new accommodations and 35 000 new office spaces. The district, called Norra Djurgårdsstaden, has a distinct environmental profile. For example, the designated parking spaces for bikes are five times higher than the ones for cars.

Here Byggvesta has built 113 student accommodations in varying sizes. In line with the district’s green profile Byggvesta has made a point out of creating energy smart buildings with optimal conditions to keep up a sustainable lifestyle. As proof of this, Kosterhavet won The Class Property Innovation and Sustainability Award at The Class of 2020 conference in Vienna last autumn. Kosterhavet is typical for what’s being built on the Swedish market right now, but with some added sustainability.